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  1. EQ-i 2.0/EQ-360 2.0 Certification Course Power Point Presentation

Video Clips

Malcolm in the Middle Parking Lot Scene – where the two women completely lose all emotional management and start a demolition derby: on Youtube →

Validation – where a parking attendant simply pays attention (empathy):  on Vimeo (long version) →

Girl Who Forgot the Words – where Maurice Cheeks helps Natalie Gilbert through the national anthem (find at on Youtube →

Herding Cats – the famous EDS commercial – great for talking about the stresses and demands of the workplace in a humourous way on Youtube →

Evolution – this is the Dove commercial ( which points out the negative effect of ‘perfect’ images on how girls and women see themselves and how it impacts on Self Regard on Youtube →

Christian the Lion – just plain makes you cry ;-) Saw the whole documentary on an airplane once – awesome story. on Youtube →

Johnny the Bagger – this’ll make you cry too, but it’s great to use where ‘service’/customer service is the focus on Youtube →


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